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IDENTIFY: Can you identify any photo(s) below that have been submitted? Please send any information regarding a photo(s) to the link provided by it. Sample: personís name, location, etc.

SUBMIT: Do you have a photo(s) of a person(s) that you need help to identify?  Submit them here: with any information that is available that may help in identification.  Sample: possible family name connection, location where photo might have been taken, movement of photo (sample: family from Chicago, moved to Muskegon, and relatives name who had photo.)  


I would like to identify these 2 young people who apparently graduated from Muskegon Co. she in the Class of 1947 and he in the Class of 1939. The problem is there was family in Hart, Whitehall, and Muskegon.  I don't know where they graduated from.  I am quite sure the family name that first settled in Muskegon Co. from Barry Co. is Mead.  They most likely are descendants of Charles Levant or Adelbert Mead.  Family names in the area were Speece or Speese; Buckley; Josephson; Kinsey; Ulrich; and Dailey.  Sharon Pratt Patton -




These pictures were taken in Muskegon County.  On the back of the left one it says Lars Erik Nord Frien Sundvall-Tunadal.  Any information regarding this picture would be greatly appreciated.  There is no information for the picture on the right.  Contact -



B.H. Bingham Muskegon, Michigan                   

#1 B.H. Bingham - Muskegon, MI        #2 Blank                          #3 R.S. Sutula Elkhart, Ind.


#4 R.S. Sutula - Elkhart, Ind.             #5 Roberts Photographic Artists - LA     #6 Blank

These 6 pictures were with some donated books that someone dropped off at Hackley Public Library-Torrent House on Oct 30, 2010. Please contact, if you can identify these young men.



Do you know who this lady is? Please contact



Do you know who this family is? Please contact


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