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Family History Centers are branch facilities of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. These Centers provide access to most of the microfilms and microfiche in the Family History Library to help patrons identify their ancestors.  Everyone is welcome to come to the centers and use Family History Center resources. The center available in Muskegon County is listed below.

Muskegon Michigan
1725 West Giles Road
Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Phone: 231-744-3283
Hours: T 5pm-9pm; W 9:30am-9:30pm; Sat 10am-2pm

What does the Genealogy Information of the Family History Center contain?

IGI is a list of approximately 600 million entries.  It consists of names of deceased persons for whom temple ordinances have been performed, or are in the process of being performed, by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It gives birth, christening, or marriage information for person from more than 90 countries. The IGI lists information for individuals-not families.  The IGI is an index and does not necessarily include all genealogical information known about a person.  It does, however, provide information appropriate to its purpose.  For each record, the IGI includes:

1.  Name of the individual

2.  Names of parents (or spouse for a marriage record)

3.  Sex                                                

4.  Type of event, such as birth, christening or marriage

5.  Date of the event                           

6.  Place of the event

7.  LDS ordinance dates                      

8.  Source reference (batch and serial or sheet) numbers

                        (These have no genealogical research significance)

File Card

THE FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG.  The FHLC is the library’s newest catalog.  It is on microfiche and it lists records and materials located in the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You may order and use most of these records through the Muskegon Ward Family History Center.  Each record is cataloged and described in the FHLC so that anyone interested in these records can find and use the information they contain.  When researching, you should check the FHLC first to find call numbers for books and microfilms containing records you need.  These are the four sections to the FHLC:

SURNAME SECTIONPink tagged microfiche.  Use the surname section if you want to find family histories or biographical information for the surname you are researching. 

Index Card

LOCALITY SECTIONYellow tagged microfiche.  Use the locality section if you know where you ancestor lived.
If you know the town, but are not sure of where in a country it is located, use the very first microfiche for that country.  Look-up that city and it will tell you where to look (country, province, city).  The same applies to looking for unknown cities in the United States.

SUBJECT SECTION.  Use the subject section if you want to find information on a subject.

AUTHOR/TITLE SECTION.  Use the author-title section if you know the author or title of a record.

FAMILY REGISTRY.  The Family Registry is a service provided without charge to our patrons.  If alphabetically lists the surnames being researched together with the names and addresses of those who have registered.  You will be able to search the registry to find if other individuals or family organizations are researching your lines.  You can then contact them.  If you register, others may contact you.


ACCELERATED INDEXING SYSTEM.  The AIS microfiche indexes can help simplify United States family history research and help you make more profitable use of your research time.  The indexes are alphabetical listings of some of the people living in the United States from 1607-1906.  These listings were compiled from US census records and other records.  The indexes give you information about the individuals listed and help you find the original record for more information.  Using these indexes can save you time that might otherwise be spent looking through hundreds of documents.

RESOURCE BOOKS.  The Family History Center has more than 1000 volumes of resource books, most of which are on microfiche.  The list is arranged by country, and state within the United States, Surname, Genealogy and LDS.

ANCESTRAL FILE.  The Ancestral File is a computerized collection of genealogies.  It links individuals into families and pedigrees, showing their ancestors and descendants.  The file contains genealogical information about millions of people from around the world.  This information includes names of individuals; their family relationships and pedigrees; and dates and places of births, marriage, and death.

SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX.  A computerized index of millions of deceased persons who had a social security numbers.   It provides birth and death dates, last place of residence, where death payment was made, state in which person was issued a social security number and the person’s social security number.  Years covered: 1937-Dec 1997 (mostly 1962 to 1997).

U.S. MILITARY INDEX.  A resource for names of individuals in the U.S. Military Services who died in Korea or Vietnam from 1950 to 1975.

SCOTTISH CHURCH RECORDS.  An index of approximately ten million names extracted from Scottish Church records.  Most of the records are from the Old Parochial Register of the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) from late 1500’s to 1854.  Other Scottish churches have been included when available.



Some of What is Available Includes:       

Ancestral File International Genealogical Index
U.S. Military IndexU.S. Social Security Death Index 
Scottish Church Records Family History Library Catalog
LDS Options: Ordinance Index LDS Options: TempleReady


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