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Muskegon County Genealogical Society is Celebrating 45 years!!


MCGS Monthly Program - Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Who Do You Think WE Are?"

For years we search and search long forgotten records and dusty attics, looking for the stories behind our ancestors, but do we consider those who will look for our stories when we are gone? Your chance will come during our April meeting when you can share with members and guest alike, some interesting history about your life, other than the great work that you have been doing in family history research. Consider taking about five minutes to highlight some event in your life with others that they may not know about but is important part of your memories and life story.

When you come to the meeting in April, put your name in with others that would like to share a moment of your life, and depending on how many want to share, we can then determine how much time we can a lot each participant so all that wish, may do so.

This is not show and tell, but speak and listen, so have fun.



Marriage Indexes uploaded. 35,000 + complete... 1859-1945... more to come.



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